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Learn from MSMEs across ASEAN

Explore Digital is an inspirational speaker series featuring entrepreneurs and thought leaders from across ASEAN to share their expertise, successes, and insights on regional trends for small businesses.Connect and interact with a digital village of entrepreneurs from Southeast Asia and learn from one another’s business challenges and solutions.

Stay tuned for an exciting lineup of speaker sessions this year!

Maximizing Business Potential Using Digital Tools and Insights

25 June 2024 (Tuesday), 10:00-11:15 am GMT+7

How can MSMEs harness digital technology to make strategic business decisions and drive growth? Join us as we explore the different digital tools and tactics that help businesses improve customer experience and boost sales. 

– Kounila Keo, Managing Partner, Mekhala Radiant Communications
– Wendy – Chawisa Chen, CEO and Co-Founder, Talk to PEACH
– Somchit Phankham, Director of Communications and Marketing, TaiBaan

Building an Inclusive Digital Economy for Local Communities

11 June 2024 (Tuesday), 10:00-11:15 am GMT+7

What are ways to connect underserved communities to opportunities in the digital economy? Join us as we explore the role of local partnership and capacity building in bridging the digital gap in the region. 

– Veronica Baguio, Founder, Balik Batik
– Irsyad Ramthan, Head of Growth, Hatch
– Taipida Moodhitaporn, Sustainable Developer, Yip In Tsoi

Championing Sustainability through Digital Innovation

21 May 2024 (Tuesday), 10:00-11:15 am GMT+7

How can small businesses use digital technology to promote sustainable practices and remain profitable? Join us as we explore how impact-driven social enterprises are empowering communities to go digital and go green.

– Jason Occidental, Founder, Ecogift Davao
– Juliana Adam, CEO, Biji-biji Initiative 

Empowering MSMEs in their Journey to Digitalization

8 May 2024 (Wednesday), 10:00-11:15 am GMT+7

What steps can MSMEs take to enhance their digital capabilities? Join us as we explore the top digital tools and platforms to help businesses digitalize and expand their operations.

– Arlene Martinez, Founder, MyKartero
– Nofi Bayu, CEO, Komerce
– Ambika Sangaran, COO, Mereka

Leveraging Digital Solutions for Business Resilience

24 April 2024 (Wednesday), 10:00-11:15 am GMT+7

How can businesses utilize digital strategies and tools for long-term growth? Join us as we explore stories of resilience from founders who navigated through disruptions and scaled their business online.

– Gina Romero, Founder of Connected Women
– Hadi Othman, Founder of Blanja

Unlocking Digital Success for Women-led Businesses

18 January 2024 (Thursday), 5:00-6:15 pm ICT
What does it take to build and grow a business in the digital economy? Join us as we explore the inspiring stories of three ASEAN entrepreneurs on how they expanded their startups by leveraging digital resources and tools. ​
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