The GROW Digital training program provides critical knowledge and skills in financial planning, business management, digital marketing, cybersecurity and responsible business in the digital economy. The program aims to improve digital and business management skills for micro and small businesses in disadvantaged communities and remote areas of Vietnam with the hope to help expand their businesses. The GROW Digital program is introduced to the target trainees through the online training platform of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP) as an advanced program of the GO Digital training program. 

The GROW Digital training program is integrated into the Policy Credit Management Application of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, allowing trainees to use their smartphones and access the training sessions anytime, anywhere. The program includes 4 main modules/topics:

i) Financial literacy
ii) Business management
iii) Online selling and Cybersecurity
iv) Responsible entreprenuership

The four modules/topics of the GROW Digital program have a total of 20 sessions, designed in the form of training videos with a duration of 10-12 minutes each. In addition to the videos, trainees can go to the “Training material” section and select the reading material of each session that suit their interests.


  1. Introduction to Financial Literacy
  2. Personal Financial Health
  3. Business Finance Basics
  4. Profitability Planning
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Further Concepts & Strategies


  1. Growing & Scaling Your Business
  2. Building Business Plan
  3. Operation Management
  4. Evaluating Business Performance
  5. Work Culture & Environment
  6. Sales Management


  1. Doing Business Online
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Prevent Cyber Theft
  4. Cybersecurity Response


  1. Doing Business Responsibly
  2. Environmental Responsibilities
  3. Responsibilities towards Stakeholders
  4. Ethics and Compliance

To enroll for the GROW Digital training program, please download the Policy Credit Management Application by searching for the keyword NHCSXH-QLTDCS in the app store of your mobile phone or by scanning the QR code as below corresponding to the phone operating system of your mobile phone. Then follow the instructions in the User Guide (in Vietnamese only)..