The Go Digital training program provides foundational digital knowledge and skills for microfinance clients and business owners in disadvantaged communities in Vietnam. The Go Digital training curriculum was successfully developed and implemented during the period 2019-2021; and currently continues to be adapted and introduced to target trainees through the online training platform of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies (VBSP). The program hopes to create favorable conditions for target trainees in disadvantaged communities and remote areas of Vietnam to increase their access to basic digital knowledge and skills for successful integration into the digital economy. 

The Go Digital training program is integrated into the Policy Credit Management Application of the Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, allowing trainees to use their smartphones and access training sessions anytime, anywhere. The program includes 4 main topics:

  1. Internet and basic mobile applications;
  2. Digital marketing tools;
  3. Online safety and security;
  4. Digital services of VBSP
These topics are divided into 24 sessions, designed in the form of lecture videos with a duration of 7-10 minutes/session. In addition to the lecture videos, trainees can go to the “Summary content” and “Detailed content” to access the reference materials of each training session. Trainees can choose those training topics and sessions that suit their interests.
Go Digital training curriculum (in Vietnamese only)

Topic 1 – Internet and basic mobile applications

  • Introduction to smartphones and the Internet
  • How the Internet works on digital devices
  • Information search on the Internet
  • Online job searching
  • Text and call applications
  • Social media tools
  • Email
  • Online banking

Topic 2 – Digital marketing tools

  • Introduction to online marketing
  • Using social media as a marketing tool
  • How to create engaging content and attract customers on social media
  • E-commerce channels as useful marketing tools
  • Google Maps and Google Location as marketing tools
  • Some standards of goods and shipping when selling online

Topic 3 – Online safety and security

  • Introduction to online safety and security
  • Information security – identify/information theft and fraud
  • How to be safe in using social media – Account stolen
  • How to be safe in using social media – Aware of harmful information and images
  • How to be safe in using social media – Fake information
  • How to identify and cope with online malefactors
  • Online safety for children

Topic 4 – Digital services of VBSP

  • Get information about VBSP from online channels
  • Mobile banking services of VBSP
  • Policy Credit Management Application of VBSP

To enroll for the Go Digital training program, please download the Policy Credit Management Application by searching for the keyword NHCSXH-QLTDCS in the app store of your mobile phone or by scanning the QR code as below corresponding to the phone operating system of your mobile phone. Then follow the instructions in the User Guide (in Vietnamese only).